Entertainment Industry

Motion Theatre


Leading the hardware design and electrical engineering, develop the cutting-edge control systems:

  • Motor/Drive sizing, drive panel design: Siemens SINAMICS S120 drive system with 2 busbar systems to suit for 15 axes.
  • Cable routing management design: utilize Turck’s I/O block, safety I/O modules, connectivity plug-n-play cordsets to simplify the field installation; cable bulkhead design; comprehensive cable schedules.
  • Engineering document: Facility load calculation; equipment list; Panel fault current calculation.


Flying Theatre

Develop new control system to meet the global market requirement:

  • Drive panel design: Rockwell Kinetix 5700 modular drive system hardware; braking resistor; BOM.
  • Safety design document: risk reduction measurement; risk analysis; SISTAMA simulation.
  • Cable routing management: cable carrier design; field I/O cable connectivity; cable tray.